what do you write as your first?

Hi there,welcome to my page …..or should i say i am really happy you bumped into this page.I have no idea which story i should tell here,so many ideas i cannot decide on which.I want to write about love,my love life to be specific ,friends ,life experiences and any other idea that comes in mind along the way.

I have wanted to write for the longest time but was not courageous enough.I am a perfectionist and each time the thought of not being good enough cripples my fingers [literally]. Being able to bring myself to write this introduction has me excited and very proud of myself ,so when i say i am so glad you passed by i mean it.

I am hoping to be very consistent and most of all to be very interesting in each story i ever publish here.So dear reader i welcome you once again to this very beautiful,interesting space of mine. I already love you and brace yourself for my first story soon.

BYE!!!!And you can call me love.



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